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Apr 24, 2013 3:00am PDT
that comes and the issue this is, when the faa started blaming some of the delays on weather, well, if you don't have the controllers to address those types of circumstances, it doesn't matter what variable you put out there. lack of staffing is lack of staffing and taking trainees and instead of training them and stunting their growth as trainee's so it takes them longer to become fully certified, you are just pushing a problem further down the road and it exacerbates a problem that can be fixed, and many senator and congressmen have said, the faa has the latitude to take these cuts someplace else, and they true not to. >> bill: what i have heard at the white house briefings from both secretary ray lahood and press secretary jay carney is that the faa doesn't have a lot of other ways to cut. they are employee heavy, i guess, right? so they have to -- they have to get to their cuts by furloughs. >> right. >> bill: and the furloughs have to include air traffic controllers because there are so many of you, and you are so central to their operation. if you say they could cut other places,
Apr 23, 2013 3:00am PDT
hey, folks, i gotta tell you the faa is one of the biggest parts of the department of transportation. and they got nothing but people, you know. they don't have like battleships that can keep in port or whatever and we're going to have to cut x billion dollars whatever it is. the only way we can meet that goal is we're going to have to furlough. and most of our people -- so we have nothing but employees basically. most of our people or a good schaffer our people are air-traffic controllers so there is no way -- this is what lahood told us, told the world. there is no way that we can avoid this. therefore, no way to avoid what that's going to mean. three things, he said. delays in flights. cancellation of flights and shutting down some regional towers. and he appealed to his fellow republicans. he is a republican. was saying republicans cannot let this happen because they're going to suffer the consequences. of course people said they're just exaggerating. that's not going to happen. and then march 1 kicks in, the sequester kicks in. immediately, planes are still flying so people said
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2